Create Modern Heirlooms

Creating your own perfect impression jewellery is fun, simple and so so easy. Find out how below

Getting started with your Heirloom Kit


Your essentials

Explore the contents of your Heirloom Kit. You should have three balls of wax ready to go, a tin, your prepaid return mailer, and your guide.

Why three waxes? – we include multiple wax balls so that you can either create multiple versions in case something goes wrong in transit or during casting (very rare), or if you want to create additional pendants.

Important – please do not combine your wax balls. They have all been pre-weighed to your chosen casting type. If you do combine the waxes, an overweight surcharge will be applied when its received by us.


Soften the wax

Fill a small bowl with lukewarm water. Drop your first wax into the bowl for 20 seconds.

While it warms up, prepare your impression template by cutting off a strip using scissors. Lay it on a flat surface ready to use.

Important – Do not combine the wax. Each piece is weighed to your chosen casting type. If the wax we receive is heavier than its original weight, there will be an overweight surcharge to pay.


Roll into a ball

Take your wax out of the water and roll it in the palm of your hands for a couple of seconds to dry off.


Create your impression

Place your wax on the impression template and you’re ready to go!

Take your time, firmly pressing into the wax. You can use your finger for a beautiful fingerprint impression, or, using something else such as a seashell, rock… anything!

Double Sided?

If you wish to create a double-sided piece, press very gently from 2 directions. This is a great option if you want two people’s fingerprints.


Into the tin

Place your wax into the MAIN tin. If you used a clear template, keep it on that.

Gently add a bit of tissue paper or paper towel on top, or if it’s hot weather, a bit of water (about half full).

Optional: Repeat steps 2-4 with the two remaining waxes and place them in the SPARES tin

Place tin(s) in the return mailer and take to your mailbox or USPS drop off. Be aware that mailboxes and outdoor mail dropboxes can be hot enough to melt wax in the summer.


Submit Online

Time to submit your design online.

You’ll need the unique code found on your tin and return mailer.

This is very important, it lets us know how to cast your wax and where we should send it once we’re done.

Return to us

Now, for some magic…

Once we have received your creation, we’ll notify you and bring your heirloom to life, hand-finished and ready to wear.