Saftey First and Always

How to keep yourself and others safe while you make your jewelry.

Anyone under 18 must be closely supervised


Always cut away from yourself and anyone/anything you love

The blade is razor sharp and can slip. Take special care to keep your fingers out of harms way.


Molten wax will burn you

Our wax melts at 240°! Do not touch molten wax until it is nearly completely re-hardened. It is very easy to burn yourself. Be extremely careful if you melt wax so that it doesn't drip or splash. DO NOT take impressions of children's fingerprints or dogs noses with hot wax. Use Heirloom wax instead!


Sharp tools and flames are not required

The blade and the metal shaping tools are not necessary to create beautiful jewelry. Sandpaper alone can work wonders!


Don't forget to have fun

Use common sense, go slowly, and be careful. We can't wait to see what you safely make! Happy making!


You're responsible

Be smart, be safe, it's in your capable hands, Cahve can't be held responsible!