Bespoke Jewelry Making Kit

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Most Popular – The Kit + 1st Item Cast. For rings or pendants that weigh up to 1.5g in wax.

Original price was: $168.00.Current price is: $158.00.

The Kit + 1st Item Cast. Comes with thicker wax for chunkier rings or pendants that weigh up to 2.5g in wax.

Original price was: $178.00.Current price is: $168.00.

The Kit + 1st Pair of Items Cast. For earring or cufflink pairs weighing up to 0.75g each in wax.

When you are ready, you can pay for your jewelry creations at any point in the future. IF THIS IS A GIFT - Your recipient will have to pay for their casting
  • Free US delivery for orders over $99
  • Solid 925 Silver. Upgrades to Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Platinum available
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Make as many pieces as you'd like. Pay per casting

  • What is it?

    Join over 10,000 creatives designing bespoke silver jewelry. The jewelry making kit allows you to easily create rings, pendants, earrings, charms and more. Simply create your design in wax, return to us and we will cast and hand-finish in the metal of your choice.

    Multiple items?

    Even though the kit is made from recyclable materials, hang on to it. It can be used to make as many items as you want, forever. Our site makes it easy to choose options (like finish or plating) and track your piece from wax to metal. It's easy to get more wax and return envelopes too.

    What is inside?

    Inside the kit, you get a selection of wax starting shapes, our high-quality carving knife, two unique steel shaping tools, a gold needle file, two different types of shaping sandpaper, a safe return tin and your postage-paid return mailer.

    What about support?

    You're supported every step of the way with our exclusive collection of step-by-step guides, useful technique videos, and collections of inspiration to get you started! All available for FREE at The Makers Table!

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4 Steps to Beautiful & Personal Jewelry


Create in wax. Follow a guide (we have hundreds) or do your own thing


Return your creation in the included prepaid mailer


We cast it in silver, gold, or platinum and send it back


Rock your amazing jewelry! Reuse your kit to create again

With everything you need to create

What's in the kit
(Guides, how-to videos, inspiration, tutorials, and much more not pictured)
Verified Review
Verified Review

Great starter kit, comes with the essential tools needed. Some learning and experimenting is involved, but it is a very fun and creative outlet. Too many ideas in my head, I can't just choose one!

Tanya - 18th Apr, 2024

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All your questions answered

  • What can I make with the kit?

    You can make anything from a ring, a necklace pendant, cufflinks, charms, even a fabulous pet tag for Mittens! Use the enclosed wax to carve and shape your design, and we'll cast it in solid sterling silver (or other precious metal)!

    Each 'Casting Code' is for a single jewelry item, and each kit can be used to create unlimited pieces forever! Simply submit each item online, and return to us. Need more wax for your kit, top it up in the Makers Table shop.

  • Can I make more the one piece?

    As many as you want. Do note, however, the casting code purchased with a kit is single use only. To submit multiple pieces, head over to the submission form. You can pay for additional castings there and then - simple. 🤩

  • Can I cast in gold or platinum?

    Yes. 🤩 The prices you see are for silver. For non-silver we base the price on the weight of your wax to the nearest 1000th of a gram. This means that you only pay for what you create, and the process is just as simple as for silver.

    Pay nothing up front. Once we receive your creation, we will weigh it and provide you with a quote. If you're happy, you can pay and we'll get casting. If not, you can switch back to silver for no additional charge, select a different base metal, or even add plating.

    The metals we offer are:

    • 925 Sterling Silver
    • 10ct Yellow Gold
    • 10ct White Gold
    • 10ct Rose Gold
    • 14ct Yellow Gold
    • 14ct White Gold
    • 14ct Rose Gold
    • 18ct Yellow Gold
    • 18ct White Gold
    • 18ct Rose Gold
    • Platinum
  • Can I add stones?

    Yes. We sell Diamonds, Lab-Grown Diamonds, and Cubic Zirconia (in a variety of colors) off the shelf. We can special order pretty much anything else, and you can even send your own stones along with your wax.

    Make sure you mark the wax with a sharpie and/or include a sketch so we know just where to set them. We do a flush set as standard but whatever you're looking for, rest assured we'll ice your creation to perfection!

  • How long does the process take?

    The time can vary depending on a number of factors. We aim for 3 weeks from the moment we receive your wax. However, the more complex your specification, or if we are experiencing a slight production backlog (such as right after Christmas), the timeline can be slightly extended.

    In any case, we always work as fast as we can to get your jewelry creations back to you.

    If you must have you piece by a certain date, such as a wedding, please let us know as soon as you can.

  • Is this suitable for children?

    Yes, but only with adult supervision. The kit does contain sharp tools and can only be purchased by anyone over the age of 18.

    There are plenty of methods to shape the wax that are child-safe, and it's a fantastic way to learn new skills and express creativity. Play safe, and have fun.

  • How do I get more wax?

    Through The Makers Table. In addition to hundreds of guides and technique videos, there you can purchase wax refills, more prepaid return envelopes, and everything to fully replenish your kit! We're all about ethical consumption and personal choice so we designed the kit to last and to allow you to create as much or as little as you want!

  • What are the different casting types?

    We have three different casting types to categorise any jewelry creation that we receive. The differences between each casting type is simply the limit on 'wax weight', and whether it is for 'single item jewelry', or 'paired item jewelry' (such as earrings or cufflinks, not two rings).

    You can learn more about our casting types by clicking here!!

What will you make?

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  1. Great starter kit, comes with the essential tools needed. Some learning and experimenting is involved, but it is a very fun and creative outlet. Too many ideas in my head, I can’t just choose one!

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  2. This kit is so beautiful! The packaging is so well done. I’m so excited to get started creating my one of a kind ring!

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  3. The kit arrived quickly, came unexpectedly with extra wax, and included some high-quality tools. This made it easy to pick up again 20 years after taking a metal arts class in school, and I can’t wait to see how my piece comes out!

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  4. I bought this for a gift and my son loved it!

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  5. So much fun, can’t wait to get my final product back. Ordering another kit to start again soon.

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  6. Highly recommend Cast and love their mission to enable people to create their own pieces.

    I was happy with my first casted necklace and just ordered my second casting kit to make a ring. Tutorial videos online are helpful.

    Also the Cast team, especially Leigh-Anne, has been very quick to respond to my questions. Thank you.

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  7. I have been searching for something like this for years for my fiancé and I to create our wedding rings. I’m so excited and the tools are quality! The staff is so helpful and nice, they definitely go above and beyond. I look forward to sending our rings in and seeing what they look like finished. Thank you guys!!

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  8. This kit is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve enjoyed learning a new skill and playing around with my final wax design before sending it in to be cast and completed.

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